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Publishing is changing so fast, with the advent of ebooks squeezing out traditional paperbacks. We appreciate the convenience of electronic media and understand the desire for lower prices in times of financial pressure. We support and encourage the surge of new independent authors in the marketplace, but we notice the need for greater quality control. But if the ebook is the way of the future, why should we give up the solid permanence of a real book? We want both. At Amenti Books, we intend to support quality writers with publishing support services ranging from editing and cover design, to the complete publishing package.  Amenti is not just for the ebook reader, but for anyone who loves to hold a real book, to feel its weight, breath its musty smell. For anyone who knows the true immersive experience of really reading a good dead tree book. We hope to provide a support service for writers and a resource for readers. This is a work in progress. Please return here regularly while we work on the details!

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