RECENT RELEASES: Science Fiction

Longarm Severed

Longarm Severed

Theodore Longarm is a convicted criminal. A murderer, terrorist, and smuggler, he must live out his days in prison. But this is no ordinary prison. With his memory destroyed, but knowing the full extent of his crimes, Theodore must find the truth about his life, his past, and his future. All while knowing he was a monster. How much can he lose, and stay human? How much can he regain, and stay human? Can he condemn the acts of his keepers, knowing what he has done?

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First published 2015, this is a re-release

Wired Out by [Ella Mortimer]

Wired Out

Kerri is wired in, her whole life spent in a tiny room, linked to the web. Until her long lost Pappy shows her how abnormal life has become. Everything must change, or the human race will be no more. It is up to her.

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Future paper releases to be confirmed.

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The Cinder Chronicles

The Cinder Chronicles – The Rangers Trilogy Omnibus

This hardcover volume (cloth bound with dust jacket) includes all three novels from the Rangers Trilogy,

Flame Rangers – Treghan And Corilai leave their homes, one in shame at his lack of power, the other in shame at her excess.

Ice Rangers – Our heroes travel to the icy mountain city of Windwall to study, but instead are thrust into the hunt for a mysterious enemy.

Sand Rangers – Symin leads our heroes to the desert city Horde, intent on unravelling the mysterious origins of Cinder.

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The Race of Fire 1: Revealing Rexa by [Ella Mortimer]

The Race Of Fire 1 – Revealing Rexa

Miyam was a psychic spy, training to be a member of an elite society known only as the revealers. But that was years ago, before her mother died and her father removed her from her home.

Now, her mundane new life is thrown into turmoil when her father is murdered. Looking for a new start, Miyam joins a dangerous quest to find the long lost king’s talisman, and her fate becomes entwined with the revealers once again.

A terrifying invader travels by night, burning everything in its path. A small group of friends strive to save the queen and defeat the enemy. And Miyam begins a personal journey to reconcile her shattered life and rediscover her lost destiny


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The Race of Fire 2: Awakening Sand by [Ella Mortimer]

The Race Of Fire 2 – Awakening Sand

From the secretive world of the revealers a hero will emerge, who will risk life and love to take the battle to the next level.

With the return of the king’s amulet, the demonic kalkar appear defeated. But a darker, more malevolent force is now in control, and the world is set to burn.

Sand must find the power to rise above his tragic past, and break the will of the terrible god Kayus, who holds the enemy in thrall.

Before the end, Sand faces the ultimate test beyond the veil, to fulfill his destiny and become the Awakener


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The Race of Fire 3: Rekindling Truth by [Ella Mortimer]

The Race Of Fire 3 – Rekindling Truth

Legend says the Awakener will bring truth to the world. But what is that truth and what is he supposed to do with it? Sand is about to discover that the truth is more amazing than he ever dreamed.

As Sand begins his predestined task the minds of those around him seem to fill his head. Meanwhile, the mindless bodies of the people he hears are slowly being possessed by something else.

But underneath it all is another voice, carrying the long dead memories of a forgotten past. A voice that wants his body for itself.Sand must embark on a new quest, into the darkest places in his own mind, through the hidden halls of history, and to the lair of his greatest enemy, there to vanquish the voices in his head.

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RECENT RELEASES: Historical Fiction

The Curse of Mycenae by [Ella Mortimer]

The Curse Of Mycenae

Klytemestra has good reason to hate her husband. The great Agamemnon, who killed her first husband and newborn son, and dragged her off to Mycenae to be his queen.

When Klytie’s sister, Helene, runs away with Paris to far off Troy, Agamemnon begins a decade-long campaign against the country that harbours the lovers.

Klytie is left abandoned and alone, her hatred settling as a black cloud over her heart.

Based closely on the ancient sources, The Curse Of Mycenae presents an untold story of the players off-stage, who stayed behind when Greeks met Trojans in battle. A forbidden romance in a world ravaged by war, the life story of Klytemestra gives a new perspective on the great Agamemnon, and his much-maligned deserted wife.

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The Druid's Kiss by [Ella Mortimer]

Anaya is a young woman who dreams of finding her one true love, her kelloree. Forced out of their ancestral lands by flooding, Anaya and her family make a new home closer to the coast, where she meets Ferdric and her life begins to change.

But someone else has set his sights on Anaya, and he will use any means to get her. Can Ferdric save her from the evil spell that threatens their fragile bond, and seal the kelloree with a kiss before she is lost to him forever?

A quick read at 11,000 words, filled with the angst of new love lost, this short romance story is perfect for a single sitting and a great introduction to the work of Ella Mortimer.

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Future paper releases to be confirmed.

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Beneath the Sea: An Anthology of Poetry by [Ella Mortimer]

Beneath the Sea: An Anthology of Poetry

In this anthology, Ella Mortimer explores the hidden depths of the human psyche, touching on emotions that we all feel but keep hidden “Beneath the Sea” of life.

The book takes us on an emotional journey, from hoping and trying, to loving, grieving and healing, and finally coming out of the experience singing.

The reader will explore what it is to be human, remembering moments in their own lives as expressed in these poems, to come to the realisation that “Beneath the Sea”, we are all the same.

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Future paper releases to be confirmed.

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  • The Cinder Chronicles 1 – Flame Rangers
  • The Cinder Chronicles 2 – Ice Rangers
  • The Cinder Chronicles 3 – Sand Rangers

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  • Dance of Nevermind
  • Shades of Farthrow
  • Armada’s Disciple

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